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2022 is set to be an exciting year for kitchen design. The way that people view their kitchen has changed considerably over the last two years during the pandemic and this is influencing future designs.

The kitchen was always considered the hub of the home but it now has to be even more multi-tasking and functional.  In addition to this everyone wants the very best so that they can enjoy socialising and entertaining at home, more than they ever did before.

Appliances that make life easy

Appliances are more carefully researched and people want to take advantage of the latest technological innovations to have the very best they can afford.

We are seeing more interest in steam ovens, coffee machines and a whole host of smart appliances, from dishwashers that use less water and detergent, to warming drawers that can be used to prove dough for cakes, bread and pizza.

Utility Rooms to make light work of the chores

As kitchens are used more for socialising, family time and entertaining the working appliances are increasingly being moved out into separate utility rooms.  These are no longer an afterthought but well-planned rooms, designed to make life easier. 

Our latest designs incorporate stacked washing machines and dryers for ease of use.  With built in furniture that provides a loading and unloading shelf located directly under the washing machine.  This enable you to place the washing basket here, making getting your laundry in and out of the machine a breeze.

Behind closed doors

In addition to utility rooms, we are also using hidden doors and different ways to hide away storage and functional areas in the kitchen.

A worktop pantry is a great solution when space is limited and can hide away a tea/ coffee making area very neatly, or an array of spice jars and other condiments. 

If you have space for a walk in cupboard or pantry then the possibilities are endless.  From a tall space to keep iron boards and vacuum cleaners, to a well-designed larder with shelves and drawers for all your foodstuffs and more.

Even when you don’t have space for a utility room or pantry, there are a whole host of clever storage solutions that can make your kitchen work harder for you.  These don’t have to be clever pull outs, sometimes a well-placed shelf can be all you need to bring order and simplicity to a design.


Everyone has been embracing more colour in the kitchen over the last two years and this is set to continue. In line with other interior trends, blues and greens are hugely popular. 

Blue is a great feel-good colour, from soft pale blues that can open up a space making it feel airy, to a darker navy blue that adds drama.

Green is the colour of nature, it can be calming, and can breathe life into a kitchen design. Soft muted, mid-tone greens and earthy tones will be popular and these can be perfectly matched with statement features, such as textured work surfaces, smoked glass cabinets or statement shelving, along with metallic accents for an opulent design statement.

Dark wood will be another key trend for 2022, especially when paired with neutral tones such as white, beige, gray or black. These kitchens tend to incorporate minimal lines and natural materials such as stone or marble, to complete the look.

A space to work and play

Whilst open plan living will still be popular, rooms will take on a more relaxed feel with zoning to mark out areas for specific activities, such as play areas, work areas, home bars or chill out zones.

The need for continued home working will see an even bigger rise in demand for working spaces in the kitchen this year.  A space where family members can  still be part of family life but also experience some peace, and be close to the coffee machine.

We can provide a range of innovative ideas, from units which conceal neat little office set-ups within, to layouts that allow for offices to tuck away in a quiet corner of the space. 

 A touch of luxury

Finally, let’s not forget a touch of luxury. We love adding a final flourish to each and every design, something special just for you.   From that statement light fitting to a bespoke splashback.  These individual touches will make a kitchen design stand out from the crowd and bring a smile to your face for many years to come.

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