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If you have been dreaming of a new kitchen but are concerned that reports of rising prices will put the kitchen you want out of reach, come and talk to us, as we have lots of suggestions to help you realise your dream.

We have helped many customers that have thought they could not afford   to go ahead.  We have access to an extensive range of products that allows us to look closely at what you want, and offer alternatives.  There are always options to swap specifications for furniture, often giving the same look and feel at a more affordable price, and with little difference in quality.  There is scope to make good savings as a high proportion of the budget is allocated to furniture.  Using our expert knowledge we can suggest options that you may not have been aware of, advising on the pros and cons of each substitution, to enable you to make an informed choice.

We hold a wide range of samples in the showroom so you can touch and feel the alternatives and in the case of worktops, can arrange for you to view larger samples, rather than the smaller ones usually held in the showroom.  This can make a huge difference, as a larger run of worktop looks so different than one that is only a few centimetres square. 

When it comes to appliances, customers often have their heart set on some high ticket items.  We can help prioritise what is really important and suggest where savings can be made to finance those ‘must have’ pieces.

All of our appliances in the showroom are working models, so you can try before you buy, ensuring you understand the benefits of different models and how they will meet your cooking needs and aspirations.

We are also able to design smarter and adapt the design itself to make savings.  For example, the current trend for open plan shelving, can be used to your advantage, as opting for more of these and less wall cupboards will cost less.    

There are items that provide a high impact but at a low cost, this is true for lighting options.  A careful chosen lighting scheme can transform a design, with minimal outlay.

Another approach is to design forward, planning to add features at a later date.  Internal storage can add to the overall cost, we can select drawers and cupboards on the basis that they will have integral storage solutions added at a later date, keeping the initial costs down, and allowing future enhancements.  Similarly if a Quooker tap pushes the overall budget too far, a normal tap can be selected that has the same dimensions, allowing a Quooker to be fitted at a later date, without any additional extra costs to accommodate it.

The best starting point is to make an appointment to visit the showroom and chat with one of our talented designers. By looking in detail at the layout, function and aesthetics, we can provide suggestions, and options that add value not costs.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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